Vivo V27 Pro camera specification

50 MP Rear Camera

In addition to having a 50 MP primary camera with excellent resolution, this smartphone also has a Sony IMX766V ultra-sensing sensor. Furthermore, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) lengthens exposure and boosts light intake. That’s enough light to create vibrant, dazzling nighttime images.

Night Portrait

With the Night Portrait with Aura Light from Vivo, your nighttime portrait photos can look as crisp and authentic as those taken during the day thanks to improved software and technology. It produces a warm, champagne-like tone that gives the scene and the image a distinctive feel.

Wedding Style Portrait

The Wedding Style Portrait is a combination of warm, pastel tones and a mixture of soft contrast gold/pink tones, reflecting the colour palette of grand Indian weddings. It has been created with inspiration from the colours and contrast of Indian weddings.

50 MP Front Camera

The incredible 50 MP front camera can reliably capture sharp, colourful details. Moreover, it features Auto Focus (AF) functionality and an enhanced focus algorithm, making the focus quick and sharp for selfies that are crisp and clear.